Our Tech expertise

Capua 1880’s processing plants are equipped with the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies.

Based on the citrus type we process and the specific product profile we need to obtain, we opt for a different technique.

Extraction Technologies

The Peeling Machine

Delivers a high quality essential oil by a gentle “peeling” of the citrus skin

The Sfumatrice-Torchio

Extracts an excellent essential oil through a “pressing and crushing” process of the whole fruit

The Brown extractor

Allows the cold extraction of the juice, thus preserving the organoleptic qualities and the nutrients

Separation Technologies

We are able to process the oils further through distillation, evaporation and molecular fractionation technologies to respond to the increasingly demanding clients and market requirements.

We’ve even developed our own innovative technology, the NatProFile®.

This evaporator allows the “cold” recovery of the volatile components from citrus juice and from all other water-based phases of the citrus processing. Previously regarded as byproducts, the waterphases are therefore upcycled into a precious source of aromatic components – thus contributing to the reduction of waste and working towards a 100% circular production.

Our Products

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