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We supply citrus essential oils for the Fragrance and Flavour industry worldwide, and are proud to be regarded as the leading essential oils producer in Italy specialised in Citrus.

Although we’re still mostly known for the Bergamot oil, the so-called “green gold of Calabria”, we’ve constantly been investing in expanding our expertise and production to include all citrus fruits.

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We are the leading processor of Bergamot globally: we process 60% of the total fruit output just in Italy.

Defined as “the king of citrus fruits”, Bergamot is a 100% Calabrian excellence: its essential oil is at the very heart of the Fragrance industry since the XVIII century, hugely appreciated by all perfumers around the world.

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We produce Mandarin essential oil from both the yellow and the green varieties. Our fruits are grown in Sicily and Calabria across over 2.500 hectares of land.

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Grown in Southern Italy, lemon is an extremely versatile citrus with exceptional scent and taste. Its essential oil is widely used in both the fragrance and the flavours industry, for countless applications ranging from luxury perfumes to household products fragrance, food & beverage flavourings, and so on.

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Grown in Sicily and Calabria, Orange has a very broad range of varieties, which allow us to meet any requirement in terms of scent, features and smell. Orange oil too has an extremely wide application range, both in fragrances and flavours.

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