“The future belongs to those who have the courage to be different”

- Gianfranco Capua

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Capua 1880

Always looking towards the future, with strong and solid roots dating back to 1880. Capua 1880 is the story of a family-owned Calabrian company which has become world leader in the processing and production of Italian citrus essential oils and juices. Our industry-renowned expertise in citrus has been built across 5 generations of Capua leaders: a journey of constant growth and improvement, where tradition and innovation meet and marry thanks to our tireless commitment to quality, enthusiasm for new technologies, and genuine passion for Research & Development. Sustainability, reliability, and long-term vision are the core values that make of our company, since over a century, a solid and trustworthy player in the Citrus industry.

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Fragrance Ingredients

We are citrus essential oils producers since 1880. Our carefully crafted products express the full power and the unique qualities that mother nature provides to bergamot, mandarin, lemon, and orange.

Flavour Ingredients

Our extracts are stable, powerful and incredibly performative: a huge success among perfumers and flavourists, enabling them to create perfect analogies with the fresh juice aromas.


We are constantly investing in the research and development of new technologies, with the aim of offering perfumers and flavourists innovative and increasingly high-performance solutions.

Our News

Latest news, events, curiosities and projects from the world of Capua 1880.

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